Director of AvtoTransTekh spoke at the Business Forum of the company "Mechanics"

Vyacheslav Bakalov, head of AutoTransTech, May 22, 2019 spoke at the VII Business Forum of the company "Mechanics".

His report was devoted to the development of the business transmissions in Russia and neighboring countries.

Vyacheslav manages the company that supplies equipment and spare parts for the repair of automatic transmissions in Russia and other countries. The second line of business is holding exhibitions. and workshops on the repair and maintenance of automatic transmissions, AutoTransTech has conducted these seminars since 2005. Seminars

AutoTransTech over 15 years has become a popular platform for meetings and exchanges the experience of professional transmissions from different countries. amount participants during this time reached more than 700 people from nearly 30 countries of the world.

And exhibitions "Territory AKPP" collect world-famous manufacturers of equipment and spare parts for the repair of automatic transmission that undoubtedly arouses great interest among specialists in this industry, in this year the exhibition will be held for the sixth time.

The business forum brought together more than a hundred representatives of auto service and industrial enterprises from many countries of the world - including from Brazil and South Africa. The forum takes place in the complex "Cossack Beach" on the shore Sea of ​​Azov for the seventh time.