AutoTransTech 2020 canceled in Baku

April 24 - 26, 2020 Baku, Azerbaijan Friends, welcome!

In connection with the announcement of a pandemic in the world, as well as with the introduction of quarantine in many countries, we made a difficult decision to postpone the seminar in Baku for another term (if the situation improves, then most likely in the fall).

There is a risk that:

  1. Entry / exit to / from the country will be limited.
  2. In many countries, a 2-week quarantine is introduced.
  3. In Azerbaijan, the situation is currently uncertain, as in the whole world. Everything changes daily.

We are afraid of being in a two-week quarantine zone, which will not benefit anyone's business.

Due to the fact that this situation falls under force majeure, it is possible to cancel or reschedule airline tickets.

As well as payment for the seminar itself, who has already managed to do this. Write to us individually, please.

Regarding the cancellation of hotel reservations and refunds. The hotel wrote that it did not charge money for those who booked rooms and also already canceled all reservations made using the reservation form sent by e-mail.

If, nevertheless, the funds were debited from the account you need to: write directly to the hotel and they will make a refund on the same day (when the money comes to the card depends on the service bank).

If you booked through third-party sites, write there, money will be returned on the same day.