Post-release and photos from the Automatic Transmission Trade Show 2017

The Automatic Transmission Trade Show 2017 exhibition was first held in a new format.

For two days , August 23 and 24, 2017, the modern business complex NOVOTEL MOSCOW CITY turned into the Automatic Transmission Trade Show 2017. The only exhibition in the automatic transmission industry in Russia was held for the first time not as part of a larger auto show or technical seminar, but as an independent event.

The new format appealed to both participants and guests, as it has a number of obvious advantages. The main thing is that, as a highly specialized event, the exhibition brought together exclusively interested people. Everyone was on the same wavelength, everyone understood each other perfectly, there were no idle onlookers and casual passers-by.

TERRITORY Automatic transmission 2017 has become a comfortable platform for communication between professionals and a reliable source of information on pressing issues of the industry. And the experience and enthusiasm of the participants made this event large-scale and significant.

The leading companies of the segment from different countries gathered at one site - ten full-time and three correspondence participants. Here are their impressions "in hot pursuit":

Exhibitors at Territory Automatic Transmission 2017

Scott Schneider, Precision International (USA)

“Once again, AutoTransTech managed to gather the largest transmission repair specialists and suppliers under one roof in a pleasant, professional environment. I liked the place. The hotel was modern, comfortable, food was affordable, and the staff was efficient and friendly. I also liked that the exhibition was separated from MIMS. We are a niche industry and have little to gain from a common automotive event. Separated, we just won. "

Mike DeFelice, Sonnax Industries Inc (USA)

“This year was by far the most organized of all years. The exhibition stands were very well built and comfortable for visitors. As always, the AutoTransTech team is very hospitable. ”

Oleg Leonidov, MIR Association (Russia)

“We are participating in the exhibition for the first time and are pleasantly impressed by its high efficiency. The company's booth enjoyed great attention and, as a result, we had several new customers at once! Affordable prices, good organization. For us, this is a great investment of time and resources. ”

This year the exhibition was distinguished by an interesting program and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

On the first day, August 23, the founder and ideological inspirer of the AKPP TERRITORY Vyacheslav Bakalov spoke at the grand opening. He cordially greeted the exhibitors, thanked them for their contribution to the development of the transmission industry and launched the contest “The Best Tool for Repairing Automatic Transmissions”.

The competition has become a real highlight of the exhibition. The presentations of the participants aroused keen interest among the public and became the center of heated discussions. Details about the competition can be found here .

The winner of the competition, by unanimous decision of the jury, was Nikolai Yurchenko, an independent master, a true modern “Lefty”. Nikolay received the Winner Certificate and the main prize, 50 000 rubles, from the contest sponsor - TransTec.

On the stands of exhibiting companies, both days of the exhibition were revived.

KINERGO , which presented their promising equipment, had no end to customers.

Auto-Blitz were ringleaders and active participants in all discussions. Their stand, from which jokes and laughter were constantly heard, became a kind of club, a place of attraction for guests and participants.

The ICAT presented a magnificent stand and performed well at the competition, having received a special prize from Auto-Blitz. In addition, an interview was filmed, which will soon be published.

<The GFX brought in a huge amount of materials for demonstration, and they plan to come next year with a more spacious stand.

As always, our regular members TransTec and Transparts looked professional and convincing .

AvtoTransTech booth was very popular. Many guests right at the exhibition signed up for the upcoming seminar “ Device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions” . How the seminar was held, read here.

ALTO took part in the exhibition this year in absentia, and everyone really missed Roni Zelichenko, whose arrival was not originally intended. However, Roni found two days in his busy schedule and arrived at the seminar on August 25 and 26, to everyone's joy.

Corresponding participants of the exhibition were such well-known companies as RYBESTOS and Newco Autoline , which found this format convenient and productive. Their presentation materials were presented at information desks and were actively distributed among visitors.

This year, the automatic transmission area has become truly interactive. Throughout the exhibition, guests were interviewed at the reception desk, sharing their impressions and making constructive suggestions. This first-hand information will surely help make the next automatic transmission area even more interesting! All visitors who completed the questionnaire received pleasant gifts.

On August 24, the final day of the exhibition, an award ceremony was held. All exhibitors were solemnly awarded with certificates of exhibitors. The participants, in turn, warmly thanked the organizers and guests.

As Anton Shatunov, TransTec said in his speech: “Business people gathered here at the exhibition. Those who daily help our industry to develop with their intelligence, talent, creativity. It is people who are our main asset! ”

So, the first step in the new format is done! TERRITORY automatic transmission 2017 is completed. Long live the territory of the automatic transmission 2018 ! See you next August, friends !!!

Photos from the exhibition