Post-release and photos of the seminar in Belgorod

The next AutoTransTech workshop in Belgorod demonstrated the growing interest of the audience in receiving not superficial information, but full, in-depth knowledge. The high level of training of the students was clearly confirmed by the heated discussion that unfolded after the presentation by Arid Hajiyev on the diagnosis of AT-CVT Jatco. No less interesting was the report of our veteran, Nikita Shmitov , from the Stagecoach company, in which he talked about the diagnosis of Volkswagen DSG transmissions. This time Igor Emelyanov (AT-Service-NK company, Novokuznetsk) shared with his audience his impressions of his first acquaintance (and repair experience) with the 9T65 transmission installed on the Chevrolet Traverse, a rare guest in our area. And Yuri Alexandrov , head of the technical department of LuK Schaeffler in Russia, prepared a series of speeches on the new product line of the company. Dmitry Filonov , a spokesman for MotulEvo, summed up all previous speakers, talking about the latest trends in the design of automatic transmissions. At the end of the seminar, all students received personal certificates from the hands of the representative of the host, Andrei Bykov (ATC “Avtomat” Belgorod).

The highest level of speakers of AutoTransTech seminars, recognized industry professionals, and topical topics of their presentations are attracting more and more participants to our ranks. This time, the grateful audience for a quarter consisted of new listeners, and in all 84 people from 30 regions took part in the seminar, and we proudly stuck another flag into the map, marking the new participating country, because the representatives of Azerbaijan, Elchin joined our ranks Abbasov and Novruzali Novruzov from Performance Center.

No less interesting than the lectures, the seminar participants were visited by the service centers of our partners - ATC Avtomat, headed by Andrey Bykov and AKPP-Belgorod under the leadership of Alexei Malevanny. It would seem that both the guests and the owners are doing the same thing, but a number of the know-how they saw aroused a lively, genuine interest.

Traditionally, the AutoTransTech workshop coincided with a local weather anomaly. However, a sharp cooling and a strong wind with snow did not prevent the 37 bravest participants of the seminar from visiting the famous Prokhorovskoye field, the third Russian military field after Kulikov and Borodinsky. It was here that on July 12, 1943, a tank battle took place, which, according to many military historians, became the largest battle using armored vehicles in history.

And at the final banquet, the relay was relayed from the host in Belgorod to the representatives of Prague, where the next AutoTransTech seminar will be held in early April. Registration for the workshop is already open .

We thank the ATC Avtomat company represented by Andrey Bykov and the director of AKPP-Belgorod Alexey Malevanny for comprehensive assistance in organizing and conducting the seminar

Photos from the workshop