II International Technical Seminar

“Device, Repair and Diagnostics of Automatic Transmissions”

In August 2006, the Second International Technical Seminar “Device, Repair and Diagnostics of Automatic Transmissions” was held at the Olympiets International Cooperation Center (Moscow Region, Khimki-12).

The seminar was attended by over 45 participants from various regions of Russia and Ukraine. The seminar was attended by SUSSEX (Great Britain), Midland Automatic Transmission (Great Britain), AutoTechCenter-Forto (Moscow), Tempol LLC (Ukraine, Simferopol), Regional Center for Automatic Transmissions (Yekaterinburg), JV TRANSMISHN "(St. Petersburg)," Subaru-Motor "(Moscow) and others.

The seminar was held for 2 days:

* The first day of the seminar was devoted to theoretical issues of diagnostics and automatic transmission devices (reports, presentations, questions, discussions).

* The 2nd day of the seminar was held on the territory of the TACHO Transmission car service, where theoretical and practical classes were held on one of the types of transmissions.

In these classes, the TR6 transmission (VW Touareg) was disassembled and examined in detail and its characteristic malfunctions were identified.

During the two-day seminar, issues were discussed regarding the installation and repair of modern transmissions, their typical malfunctions, and methods for their repair were considered.

At this seminar, for the first time in the world, information was presented to a wide range of repairmen on the AF-40 6-speed transmission, the principle of which, as well as troubleshooting, were encountered during its operation.

The seminar touched upon such pressing issues as the repair of CVT transmissions: Nissan Primera, Nissan Murano; transmissions of the TR6 type, which are installed on VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, Lexus cars.

During the seminar, all participants had the opportunity not only to communicate, but also to make new contacts, exchange experiences with representatives of various repair companies in Russia and Ukraine, as well as purchase various technical literature and CDs on the installation and repair of automatic transmissions.

At the end of the first day of the seminar, an evening banquet was organized, which further brought together all the participants and organizers of the seminar.

At the end of the seminar, each participant was awarded certificates of participation in the Second International Technical Seminar.

In the future, the organizers of the International Technical Seminar plan to make this event an annual event, allowing automatic transmission repair specialists to receive new information, study various repair technologies, get acquainted with the latest equipment and discuss accumulated technical issues.