Participants of the AutoTransTech workshop in Kazan

"Automatic Service"
Russia, Izhevsk
2. "Automatic STO" IP Ilyakhin Russia, Omsk
3. "Automatic Transmissions AT" Russia, Kirov
4. "Auto-start" IP Dudin Russia, Yoshkar-Ola
5. "Autocentre Ugra" Russia, Saratov
6. "Unit" Russia, Saratov
7. "Unit" Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny
8. "Unit" Russia, Cheboksary
9. "Unit" Russia, Kazan
10. "Unit; Russia, Samara
eleven. "Automatic Center" Russia, Kazan
12. "AT Service" IP Ivanov Russia, Kursk
thirteen. AT-Parts Russia, Saint-Petersburg
14. AT-Service NK Russia, Novokuznetsk
fifteen. "Automatic transmission-master" IP Zagursky Russia, Vladivostok
sixteen. Stagecoach Russia, Saint-Petersburg
17. "Continent" Russia, Magnitogorsk
eighteen. "Laboratory of Pavel Ogarkov" Russia Moscow
nineteen. "Regional Center of Automatic Transmissions" Russia, Yekaterinburg
twenty. REM-93 Russia, Chelyabinsk
21. "FTsAT Aggregate" Russia, Samara
22. "FTsAT Aggregate" Russia, Saratov
23. "FTsAT Aggregate" Russia, Volgograd
24. "FTsAT Unit; Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny
25. "TsAT Kazan" Russia, Kazan
26. "TsAT Perm" Russia, Perm
27. Gnevshev S.V. IP Russia, Saratov
28. Kazantsev A.V. IP Russia, Kazan
29. Karpov P. Yu. Russia, Cheboksary
thirty. Kobenin IP Russia, Yekaterinburg
31. Transparts Russia Moscow