Post release and photo from AutoTransTech 2016 workshop in Moscow

The workshop consisted of 4 lecture days and was held from August 24 to August 27, 2016.

The panoramic view of the park area in the Four Seasons conference hall helped seminarists relax and withstand a voluminous theoretical course.

On the first day, Pavel Sivozhelezov held a business training “Management as an Art” for company managers, where management was considered as a person’s ability to manage and a good understanding of the administration system. The lecture also included the practical part, in which company managers solved the tasks set by the lecturer, and put forward other ways to solve problems in the management of subordinates, analyzed the system principles of the companies, including the example of their own, - represented the company of the future.

The training participants gathered about 50 people. The lecture lasted until 7 pm with coffee breaks and lunch breaks.

The second day of the Moscow seminar was dedicated to the repair of ATCR torque converters. The following speakers were on the schedule: Alexander Shatkov (Kinergo), Edgar Nebylitsa (Kinergo), Vyacheslav Apanovich (Torque converter), Roni Zelichonok (Alto), Dmitry Ermilov (Transfix).

After the keynote speeches, the seminarians were able to participate in the JF414 / GM 6T40 transmission forums of their choice. The automatic transmission forum JF414 brought together about 20 people, the main speaker was Mikhail Yakimov (IP Yakimov Stavropol), after his presentation, participants asked questions and exchanged experiences on repairing the JF414 and the main problems. About 50 people took part in the second GM 6T40 automatic transmission forum, Oleg Dubinin (AKPP-service-NK Krasnoyarsk) made a presentation on the device and repair of the GM 6T40, after which a heated discussion began among the forum participants. This was the first experience of holding such forums, the organizers of the seminar will surely continue organizing such discussions of specific types of automatic transmissions in the framework of future technical seminars.

The third and fourth days of the seminar were traditionally devoted to the device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions. The third day consisted of performances by Eugene Makushev (ICAT), Robert Warnke (Sonnax), Steve Garrett (GM), Sergey Papin (Kinergo).
At the end of the third day of the seminar, the AKPpro project organizers made a presentation of the club’s automatic transmission and automatic transmission magazine. The first issue of AKPPro magazine was presented to the participants together with souvenir products (backpacks, participants' catalogs, notebooks, pens) and technical materials.

As a gift from the organizers, all magnets of the seminar were presented with personal magnets with photographs of the participants.

The final day of the seminar included performances by Bill Henney (BlueReach), Adele Yakupov (Automatic transmission repair Kazan), Irvin Gers (Raybestos), Dmitry Filonov, Dmitry Karageorgiy (DesTime - demo version 1C - automatic transmission service management).

By tradition, the organizers of the seminar held a quiz "Golden Ten." The winner and winner of the main prize of 10,000 rubles was Oleg Dubinin (AKPP-service-NK Krasnoyarsk), having answered correctly 10 questions out of 10. Two more prizes (branded ALTO t-shirts) went to two participants who correctly answered 9 questions out of 10. Upon completion all participants were given Club cards of the club’s automatic transmission and certificates of participation in the XII international technical seminar.

Simultaneously with the technical seminar, a three-day exhibition of auto parts was held, at which the products of GFX, Transtec, Sonnax, Keenergo, Auto-Blitz, AVT-Group and other manufacturers were exhibited.
A banquet on the occasion of the completion of the XII international technical took place in the Aerhall Hall. An entertaining program in the style of a pirate party, bartender shows, team competitions and expensive prizes ... (the main prize - the mechatronics, presented by Auto-Blitz, was won by the Aggregate association)
TRANSTEC Sponsored the XIIth International Technical Seminar

The next technical seminar will be held on December 2-3, 2016 in Sochi.