Post-release of the IV AutoTransTech 2018 Seminar in Moscow

The IV international technical seminar “Device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions” was held in Moscow on August 21 in the conference hall of the Golden Ear Hotel Complex and on August 22, 2008 on the basis of Tahoe Transmission. The organizer of the seminar was AutoTransTech, support for the organization of the seminar was provided by: HELC Group (Great Britain), Transtar Industries (USA) and Tacho-Transmission (Russia).

Representatives of both Russian and foreign companies were invited to the seminar, including Alto Product Corp., Automatic Choice, Newco Autoline, Precision International, Seal-e-Zee, Sonnax, "Transtar Industries", "Autorade", "Automatic transmission-Center", "Tacho-transmission", "Transparts" and etc.

A distinctive feature of the 2008 seminar was a rich business program. Presentations were made by Russian and foreign experts in the field of repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions. So, Mr. Bill Henney (Great Britain, Midland Automatic Transmissions) introduced the following topics to the seminar participants: “Device, work, repair, automatic transmission failures: 6 HP26; 722.9; AF-40. " "Problems and repairs 4F27E / FN4A-EL; CD4E / LA4A-EL Ford Mazda ”was discussed under the guidance of Robbie Ferguson (USA, Alto Product Corp.). Workshops on repair of AW 55-50SN control plates and 5L-40 automatic transmission oil pump were conducted by Greg Nader (USA, Sonnax); Also, the AF-40 automatic transmission disassembly, which was successfully conducted and discussed with the participants of Alan Smith (Great Britain, Midland Automatic Transmissions), gave answers to many questions. Maxim Legushev, representative of Avtoraid (Russia, Novosibirsk), continued to acquaint the seminar participants with the products of Lubegard (USA), one of the best manufacturers of automatic transmission lubricants in the world; and Dmitry Ermilov (TekhnoTransLine company, Moscow) shared with the participants knowledge about typical faults in torque converters and repair technologies. The main focus of the program was on the discussion of diagnostics and repair of automatic transmissions; the participants got acquainted with new diagnostic devices, scanners, hydro-testers, automatic transmission control plate testers and other equipment; It was here that the answers to the most pressing questions of specialists were received and the directions of further development of the industry were determined.

The seminar was attended by about seventy specialists from 46 companies from almost all regions of Russia (Bryansk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Kursk, Novokuznetsk, Petrozavodsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, St. Petersburg, Sergiev- Posad, Solntsevo and Moscow); as well as Belarus (Minsk, Mogilev); Kazakhstan (Alma-Ata, Astana, Karaganda), Moldova (Chisinau); and Ukraine (Kiev, Simferopol, Ternopol).

In addition to the business program, for the first time, within the framework of the seminar, among the participants a draw of the Golden Ten lottery was held. Participants were asked to answer ten questions from the field of automatic transmission repair; and the winner, according to the rules of the lottery, was waiting for a prize of 10,000 rubles. According to the results of the participants' answers, the prize remained in the Organizer’s fund and is added up to the winnings of the next lottery At the moment, the fund of the “Golden Ten” lottery is 20,000 rubles, which will be drawn in August 2009.

A large number of applications for the 2008 seminar reflects the growing popularity of this event, and the relevance of the program and the quality of the organization increases the interest of regular participants. The organizers are constantly improving their work, and forecast the V scientific and technical seminar "Device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions" in 2009 even greater success.