AutoTransTech 2017 workshop in Mineralnye Vody

The international technical workshop AutoTransTech 2017 will be held from December 1 and 2, 2017 in Zheleznovodsk .

Seminar participants will have the opportunity to combine study, relaxation and recreation !

Zheleznovodsk is the smallest and most comfortable of the four resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The picturesque town stands at an altitude of 650 m above sea level, among relict forests, in a valley between the Beshtau and Zheleznaya mountains.

Glorified in the works of Russian writers, it has long been called the “tiny Switzerland”. This area is characterized by a unique microclimate, really similar to the climate of the Alpine midlands - the air is clean, fresh, saturated with oxygen and phytoncides of the forest.

An abundance of mineral springs, a beautiful natural park in the foothills of the Iron Mountain, unique architecture, silence and harmony with nature - all this causes positive emotions, fills with energy, increases resistance to stress.

AutoTransTech 2017 Mineralnye Vody Technical Seminar

Seminar Residence: Slavyanovsky Istok Apart-Hotel , winner of the Award of Excellence award from Conveniently located in the very center of the city, the hotel was named after the world famous mineral water “Slavyanovskaya”, the source of which is located in the complex.

Actual content, a convenient format, the best speakers, on the one hand, and all the advantages of the resort, on the other hand, are a good reason to join!

On December 1 and 2, "severe automatic transmissions" will land in the foothills of the Caucasus, and they certainly will not regret it)).

Why are we going: study, communicate, enjoy the beauties,
energize, dump negative
see off the Old and rehearse the New Year !!!

According to tradition, the program will consist of two parts:

December 1 is a busy lecture day.
Interesting content presented by the best speakers, “cross-pollination” - exchange of experience and ideas, questions and answers. Topics and speakers can be found here . We study, communicate, during breaks - we drink the famous mineral water "Slavyanovskaya"))).

December 2 - no less eventful, sightseeing - entertaining and atmospheric holiday.
In the morning, everyone will be able to drop in to colleagues, to local service stations, or go on a tour of Zheleznovodsk, accompanied by a professional guide. We will see the famous Pushkin Gallery, the Palace of Bukhara Emir, Ostrovsky Baths, walk along the unique cascading stairs of the Resort Park with streams of mineral water running along it, admire the stunning panorama of the peaks of the Caucasus Range from the observation deck.

After lunch, we dramatically change the situation: we go to Pyatigorsk, the main gem in the KavMinVod necklace. Pyatigorsk is both a medical resort with famous health resorts, and a museum city where dozens of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments are located, and just a beautiful, vibrant big city. We look, breathe, remember Lermontov, Ostap Bender and Kisu Vorobyaninov, free our heads from worries, recharge with energy!

AutoTransTech 2017 Mineralnye Vody Technical Seminar

And in the evening, leaving behind tension, stress, deadlines, difficult situations at work, together we walk at a farewell banquet !!!

The December AutoTransTech seminar is a great opportunity to take stock of the year and get positive!

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Do not miss the chance to spend the end of the year interestingly and productively!