AutoTransTech Workshop in Astana

Astana is the modern capital of Kazakhstan, the construction of which is proceeding at a supersonic pace. A beautiful, clean, well-groomed city conquers at first glance with its futuristic look.

The history of the city is unusual. In the 1950s, the small provincial village of Akmola (Astana) became the center of a grandiose virgin revival project and was renamed Tselinograd, and since 1997, by decree of President Nazarbayev, has been declared the capital of Kazakhstan.

The new capital was erected with cosmic speed in the bare steppes. The best world architects have built many unique structures here, which made Astana a magnificent pearl of Kazakhstan. Now it is a beautiful flowering city, ahead of the development of many large cities of the CIS.

Blown by the steppe winds, Astana pulsates with the energy of the future, charging everyone who falls into its orbit. Therefore, we decided to hold the April AutoTransTech seminar here!

On April 13 and 14, 2018, we are waiting for everyone who wants to get off the knurled rails of everyday life and connect to the “high-voltage line” of new ideas and plans.

A detailed workshop program will be published shortly. Follow our announcements on the site

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