Dear colleagues, friends!

On April 29, 2023 it was held another international technical "AutoTransTech" seminar "Design, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions".

Due to various circumstances the whole 4 years (last time in 2019) we did not manage to meet abroad and listen to lectures of foreign speakers - to exchange experience with our foreign colleagues, so we are very happy about this long-awaited event.

This time the meeting was held in sunny Antalya (Turkey) in a five-stars hotel "Club hotel Sera".

2 conference-halls for multilingual audience, 5 interpreters, 4 speakers from USA, Canada, Republic of Belarus and Russia, more than 100 representatives from 16 countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, USA, Canada, Republic of Belarus, Lebanon and Russia.

More than 40 participants were specialists from Turkish companies who visited our «AutoTransTech» seminar for the first time.

Both our permanent lecturers Steve Garrett (Atra, USA), Yahor Anishchonak (Kinergo, Minsk, Republic of Belarus), and new speakers made their presentations at the seminar. Eugeny Abramovsky (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE (ATS), Novosibirsk, Russia) and Karl Giguere (Matech BTA, Quebec, Canada) presented their reports for the first time at the «AutoTransTech» seminar.

In addition to lectures a technical workshop was held where the companies Kinergo, Ravenol, Transgo, Getribo, Stromak, Sussex AutoParts, Başar Otomotiv presented samples of their products, discussed actual problems and shared their experience in the field of diagnostics and repair of automatic transmissions.

Traditionally at the end of the lectures all participants received certificates "AutoTransTech". Our permanent participant and interpreter Nikita Shmitov (TRPlant, Moscow, Russia) said: "Cities and countries where the seminars are held change, but the certificate ceremony remains the same."

Next day there was an entertainment program: a boat trip on a pirate ship in the Mediterranean Sea with music by a DJ, foam party and disco.

Thank you for your participation in the seminar to our regular participants, as well as new professionals who have joined the international community of repairers "AutoTransTech", and the excellent work done, invaluable sharing of experience and a warm friendly communication!

Special thanks to our host in Antalya - Anton Larionov and Nazmi Alan (Alfa Center Otomatik Sanziman, Antalya, Turkey) for their invaluable help in preparing and organizing this most difficult seminar ever!

We wish you all good health and success and look forward to our next seminar on 25-27 August 2023 in Moscow!

Stay tuned and see you soon!