III technical seminar

“Device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions”

On August 29-30, 2007, in Moscow, on the territory of the Cosmos Hotel, the largest hotel complex in Moscow, the third annual International AutoTransTech Forum was held.

Within two days, specialists in the field of automatic transmission repair and diagnostics were able to exchange experience, learn a lot of new and useful information, discuss technical issues of automatic transmission repair, make important business contacts.

The Forum was attended by representatives of both Russian and foreign companies, including Sonnax, Transtar Industries, Newco Autoline, Seal-e-Zee, Precision International, Alto Product Corp. , "Automatic Choice", "Transparts", "Tahoe Transmission", "TransKit", "Autoreid", "Petro-Lyub" and others.

Within the framework of the Forum, a technical seminar was held on the topic: “Device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions”, which was attended by more than 50 car service representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan.

Presentations at the seminar were made by Russian and foreign experts in the field of repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions: Mr. William Hanney (Great Britain, Midland Automatic Transmissions), Mr. Joe Log (USA), Mike de Felice (USA, Sonnax), Mike Halston (USA, Alto Product Corp.) and others. The Avtoreyd company (Novosibirsk) held a presentation of the products of the Lubegard company, which is one of the best manufacturers of automatic transmission lubricants in the world.

Car service specialists learned a lot of useful information about High Performance friction materials, new generation Lubegard special fluids, DSG mechatronics, ValveBody repair, device and fault repair, automatic transmission AW 55-50SN, etc. A presentation of the forum site was held at the seminar - www.autotranstech.ru .

For the first time in the framework of the Forum, an exhibition of companies offering spare parts and equipment for automatic transmission repair and diagnostics was held. At the exhibition, automatic transmission repair specialists were able not only to get acquainted with the new products of the transmission industry, but also to purchase various reference books, CD-ROMs with useful information, manuals and manuals for automatic transmission repair, as well as make new useful contacts.

At the end of the forum, a solemn presentation of certificates of participation in the seminar and exhibition "AutoTransTech 2007" and an evening banquet took place.