The AutoTransTech 2021 in Moscow

The Moscow seminar will be held in early September

We are starting to accept applications for participation in the XVII Technical Seminar AutoTransTech on automatic transmissions. It will take place from 3 to 4 September. Due to the restrictions introduced last year around the world to combat the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to reduce the number of seminars. But we received a lot of requests from you - as experience has shown, no opportunities for remote communication can completely replace personal meetings. And when discussing technical issues, sometimes the ability to show "on the fingers" replaces lengthy correspondence and even conversations on video. The restrictions are still in effect, and therefore the program of the seminar will be clarified later - we do not yet know which of the foreign participants will be able to come to Russia.

We have already chosen a place - this is the Sofrino Park Hotel, already familiar to some of the participants. The vast territory and rich infrastructure provide excellent opportunities for work and leisure, and the presence on the territory of two hotels provides a wide range of living conditions. Sofrino Park Hotel is located 35 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, and has access to public transport. We will be glad to see both traditional participants and new guests!

For advice on registration for the seminar, contact: tel. +7 499-641-04-14, to the WhatsApp group (tel. +7 916-612-34-49) or by e-mail