Post release and photo from the AutoTransTech 2018 workshop in Moscow

In the last days of August in Moscow, two events were immediately held for specialists in the automatic transmission repair industry.

Post release and photo from the AutoTransTech 2018 workshop in Moscow

The Territory of Automatic Transmission Exhibition, previously held as part of MIMS, has been held in the new format for the second year in a row, aimed exclusively at those who repair various types of automatic transmissions. Changing the format to a highly specialized one showed the correctness of the chosen course - compared to last year, the number of participants increased by 15%, mainly due to companies from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Due to its specialization, the exhibition presented a variety of equipment for the repair of automatic transmissions and a wide range of spare parts and components, both those that are supplied to conveyors and the secondary market. Manufacturers such as Alto Products, Autoline, GFX, Grippaz, Kinergo, LuK Schaeffler, Raybestos Products, STK, Sussex Auto Parts, Transpeed and others presented their products. Exhibitor Alan Gadd, representative of Sussex Auto Parts, spoke of the event as follows: “I regularly participate in auto mechanics exhibitions in Shanghai and Frankfurt. Of course, those exhibitions are much larger, but they are more general. And this exhibition is completely dedicated to our industry. And here all the participants want to learn new things about transmissions, for us it is very valuable. This is a fairly chamber exhibition, but it is visited by quite a lot of people working in this industry. I think this year the exhibition was excellent. "

The exhibition was also accompanied by a rich business program - a variety of trainings and a master class on stress management, which were conducted by leading psychologists of the Cosmonaut Training Center, a presentation on the 10th issue of AKPPro magazine and contests - "The Best Torque Converter Repair Solution" supported by Kinergo and Best Automatic Transmission Repair Tool supported by TransTec. In the latter, a tense struggle unfolded and the jury of the best industry experts had a difficult task to choose a winner. As often happens among professionals, friendship won, and the main prize was divided between two finalists - Sergey Koptyuk and Nikolai Yurchenko. Also during the exhibition, the winners of the “America is closer than you think!” Contest, jointly held by TransTec and Transparts, were named - they were Grigory Botnar and Pavel Dotsenko.

The exhibition “Territory of Automatic Transmission” smoothly flowed into the XIV International AutoTransTech Seminar, which has been held since 2005. The interest of the audience is growing like a snowball - this time the number of seminarians was more than 150. The seminar participants were not only domestic luminaries, but also leading overseas specialists such as Steven Garrett (ATRA USA), Robbie Ferguson (Raybestos, USA), Nora Aslanova (Alto Products, USA). The topics of performances were very diverse - from presentations of new products of the industry to highly specialized reviews of malfunctions of individual transmission models. We also considered the features of repairing hybrid transmissions - students at AutoTransTech workshops are always at the forefront of progress. For the first time, Arid Gadzhiev from Moscow, a well-known specialist in the diagnosis of transmissions of Japanese-made cars, including variators, spoke at the seminar. His report on Nissan and Infiniti transmissions caused a sensation among the audience. However, for many participants, an equally important source of obtaining relevant information, in addition to lecturer presentations, is communication with their colleagues. This is the point of view held by Andrei Suvyazov, head of Suvik (Czech Republic): “The core of the audience is people who have been attending these seminars for many years. All of them have become one big family, which is very pleasant to talk with. There is always someone who can get information or share it - it's worth it. ”

Our experts prepared such intricate questions for the traditional Golden Ten quiz that no one could completely answer them and the prize fund has been moving to the next year for the second time in a row. Those participants who gave the maximum number of correct answers were awarded consolation prizes from Raybestos. Those who wanted could try to take revenge - at the final banquet there was another quiz for general erudition, the winners of which received a real prize in the form of a certificate for products also from Raybestos.

The next AutoTransTech workshops are just around the corner. The next one will take place from November 30 to December 1 this year in one of the most picturesque corners of the south of central Russia, the city of Belgorod. And in the spring of 2019, the AutoTransTech seminar will be held for the first time in Europe, namely in Prague, on April 4 and 5. We are waiting for you, registration is already open.

Photos from the workshop