International technical seminar AutoTransTech 2023

Hello everyone, dear friends, colleagues!

We start accepting applications for participation in the international technical seminar AutoTransTech for repair automatic transmissions. It will be held April 29-30, 2023 in Antalya, Turkey.

For a long time we wanted organize a seminar in Turkey, but due to various circumstances, this is not succeeded. And finally, all the "stars converged" and we found a suitable place for our event is Club Hotel Sera.

We made sure that so that in addition to a useful seminar, you will also be surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere, a beautiful view and all the infrastructure for a comfortable stay.

We will be glad to see both our "veterans" – traditional participants of the seminar, and and new guests!

Register on our website, and be sure to fill in your details at the link – this is very important for accreditation for the seminar.

You will receive an email at e-mail or call regarding confirmation of participation, as well as clarifications all details and further actions.

For consultation on registration for the seminar, please contact: tel. +7 929 680-68-98 or by email