Moscow 2023

We start accepting applications for participation in the XIX AutoTransTech technical seminar on the repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions.
It will be held from August 26 in Moscow at the Planernoye Park Hotel.

The Planernoye Hotel is located in one of the picturesque corners of the Moscow region, 8 km from the Moscow Ring Road along the Leningradskoye Highway. The territory of the hotel is a natural complex on the banks of the Skhodnya River, which includes unique landscape areas, a landscape park with a mixed forest, a natural lake, the ancient Geltishchevo estate, where Prince Menshikov once lived.

To book a hotel room at special prices for our event, please follow the link (will appear later)
Among the lecturers will be our regular participants Vladimir Nasonov, Egor Anishchenko, Evgeny Abramovsky.

We will be glad to see everyone who wants to gain experience in repairing automatic transmissions, as well as communicate with colleagues in the shop!

For advice on registering for the seminar, please contact:
by tel. +7 916-612-34-49 (WhatsApp) or email
Information will be added, follow our news on