AutoTransTech 2015 workshop in Minsk

Time: April 17-18, 2015 .

Venue: Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Molodechno district, Gorodoksky c / s, 1.5 km of the village of Petrovschina, Holiday House "Lidia" .

Registration for the seminar: from 9:00 to 10:00 04/17/2015, the beginning of the Seminar: 10:00

04/17/2015 Repair of control panels

Host: SONNAX distributor in Belarus and Lithuania, AICHINA PLUS INSTALLATION company.


  • typical malfunctions of control plates in hydraulics;
  • methods for determining wear of holes - how to correctly determine the cause of a malfunction;
  • Vacuum tester - the right use, the answer to many questions in the control panel. Tester calibration, fault detection;
  • 09G transmission - solving problems with the control panel;
  • 6T40 transmission - solving problems with the control panel;
  • reamer is an important tool during repair, what reamers are needed, how to correctly determine the reamer quality, 5 basic drilling rules, fixing method - a guarantee of the quality of work;
  • lubricants and tools needed to repair control plates;
  • testing solenoids, how to learn to read graphs;
  • solenoid tester - important equipment for determining the quality of solenoids, both new and reconditioned;
  • VB-tester - equipment for diagnosing the work performed, warranty on repair of the control plate;
  • repair practice - you can try to carry out the repair yourself under the supervision of SONNAX technical specialists;
  • new items from the company SONNAX, practical advice from the distributor of the company in Belarus.


  • ADEL YAKUPOV - Director of AT Kazan Center, technical consultant of AUTOTRANSTECH;
  • VYACHESLAV APANOVICH - technical specialist of the company AICHINA PLUS INSTALLATION.

04/18/2015 Repair of torque converters

Host: manufacturer of equipment and spare parts for the repair of torque converters, KINERGO.


  • high-quality gluing of friction material;
  • the technique of proper surface preparation before gluing;
  • gluing process from beginning to end;
  • testing and troubleshooting after gluing;
  • equipment for the repair of torque converters (new samples);
  • double clutch recovery technology (CLUTCH PLATE);
  • methods for measuring the preload of the torque converter lock-up mechanism in transmissions of the ZF 6HP type;
  • quality of repairs and the use of modern technologies in repairs;
  • double dry clutch for robotic transmission Renault Efficiency Dual Clutch - design features, replacement process, special tool;
  • kits INA Gearbox for repair of mechanical 5-speed transmissions VW Group - 02T, 02J. Forecast for the further development of this series of products;
  • the quality of gaskets and seals used in the repair of automatic transmissions;
  • new solutions from SONNAX in the field of torque converter repair;
  • practical solutions for torque converter repair.


  • ALEXANDER SHATKOV - Technical Director of KINERGO;
  • IRVIN GERTS - Leading Friction Materials Engineer at RAYBESTOS POWERTRAIN;
  • STEVE GARRETT - Leading Engineer, SONNAX;
  • YURI ALEKSANDROV - technical specialist of SCHAEFFLER (representative office of LuK in Russia);
  • ANTON SHATUNOV - representative of the company TRANSTEC;
  • DMITRY YERMILOV - Director of TRANSFIX, engineer, member of the TASK Force engineers association.