10th anniversary international workshop AutoTransTech

Ladies and gentlemen!

This year, AutoTransTech invites you to the X international technical seminar “Device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions” - 10 years together!

Seminar format: Summer weekend in a country hotel - rest with benefit for business!

List of workshop topics :

  • A6GF1 / A6LF1 / A6MF1- Hyundai - William (Bill) Henney
  • JF015 repair practice - Adele Yakupov (AKPP Center Kazan)
  • "New technologists in the production of friction materials; material quality; what the original manufacturers use; how to distinguish quality material" Raybestos vidio - presentation with a production representative
  • 8HP / 9HP - Hans P. Bach (ZF representative)
  • Overview of LuK dual dry clutch transmissions, further perspectives. 2nd generation dual clutch for VW DQ200 since 2011, design changes, new sales policy for repair solutions. Renault EDC drivetrain, the new LuK RepSet 2CT clutch kit for the independent market, replacement technology. The modular concept of a special tool for replacing double dry clutches. - Yuri Alexandrov LuK, Schaffler Russia.
  • DSG & 0B5 - Roni Zelichonok (ALTO Product Co.)
  • JF414 - Alexei Kudinov (APRIORI - EXPERT)
  • 0B5 repair practice - Sergey Antonov, Moscow Automatic Center
  • TRANSTEC- Production of original components for the repair of automatic transmissions, material quality, oil seal and gasket are some of the main components in the repair of how to distinguish and what to install. (Representative of CORTECO (TRANSTEC & FRIEDERGERG NOK) Product manager Simon Vikens UK).
  • Training for managers: "Building a sales department (service management). Employees and their motivation", August 23, 2014, 10: 00-18: 00 - Igor Ryzov

We are confident in success and hope that the promotion of domestic technologies will become a tradition!

At the seminar are present:

  • HANS PETER BACH - Vice President, ZF
  • HIROMI KATO - Aisin Europa
  • IRVIN EUGENE - Technical Director, Raybestos Powertrain
  • MARINA RAPPOPORT - Product and salles manager ALLOMATIC
  • MIKE J. DeFELICE - Representative of SONNAX INDUSTRIES
  • RONI ZELICHONOK - Vice President, Alto Product Co.
  • SIMON VICKERS - Representatives of the companies TRANSTEC (Europe)
  • WILLIAM (BILL) HENNEY - President, BLUEREACH, Doctor of Technical Sciences, developer of equipment and tools for automatic transmission repair
  • ALEXEY KUDINOV - head of the expert company APRIORI - EXPERT
  • IGOR RYZOV - included in the team of effective negotiators Jim Camp (Jim Camp). The only specialist in Russia who completed a full-time course of study at Camp Negotiation Instinute (USA). The official representative of the Jim Camp Institute of Negotiations in Russia and the CIS
  • SERGEY ANTONOV - Moscow Center for Automatic Transmissions
  • YURI ALEXANDROV - Schaffler Russia

Also, I would like to especially thank the Director General of ZF Russia Oleg Molotkov for the opportunity to visit the company for the restoration of ZF transmissions in Russia.

We are waiting for you at the seminar!

Sincerely, AutoTransTech Company