Post release and photo from the AutoTransTech workshop in Yalta

Crimea completed the reception of participants at the Yalta Technical Conference-2015. The event was held from December 4 to 5 in the eco-hotel Levant on the Black Sea. The conference was attended by more than 60 people - 35 companies, which included Blue Reach, Raybestos, ZF, MTsAT, Kenergo, Transfix, Crimean automatic transmission center, automatic transmission Center, etc.

The two-day program was divided into scientific and educational-entertaining parts. The first day of the conference was traditionally devoted to technical issues - we got acquainted with new products, the latest technologies and solutions for the repair and maintenance of modern transmissions. The lineup included Dmitry Filonov (Raybestos), Yaleksey Myakishev (Kinergo), Petr Kornilov (ZF), Evgeny Makushev (ICAT). The representative of Blue Reach, Bill Henney, was given a large amount of technical information; the presentation materials were the eight-speed Hyundai and Mercedes 724.

Seminar participants in Yalta

The second day of the conference was held in an informal setting.

The program included a trip to the Livadia Palace. According to the organizers, a parallel was drawn between the current international conference and the Yalta Conference of the Allied Powers in 1945 (this topic can be traced in the logo of the conference, depicted on the participants' diplomas, badges, gift calendars). Participants were able to listen to the tour and enjoy the picturesque views of Livadia.

Later, a group of seminarians had the opportunity to visit the Massandra winery, listen to an interesting tour, taste table and dessert wines, and then purchase the products of the oldest winery in the world.

The banquet at the FABRIKANT beer restaurant marked the end of the program. Among the guests, a survey was conducted on the venue of the next seminar in April 2016 - the choice of the majority was St. Petersburg.

Photos from the workshop in Yalta