Topics of the AutoTransTech 2015 workshop in Moscow

August 21, 2015. Executive Training

Complicated negotiations with subordinates. Workshop on the actions of the head

Conducted by Pavel Sivozhelezov

Business coach, co-author of the book "Preparing for the" Management Duel "and difficult negotiations." 10 years of managerial experience, including general director of a construction company, commercial director of a branch of MegaFon. Leading the evening club management struggle.

Training content:

  1. “Three whales” in difficult negotiations with subordinates
  2. "The court is coming." Parsing errors, misconduct and incident.
  3. I won’t! ” Resistance to the actions and decisions of the leader
  4. Management error correction
  5. A sore point. " Negotiating salary and intangible motivation
  6. We part. " Dismissal on the initiative of the head

August 21, 2015. ATCR Forum

1. Steve Garrett, SONNAX

Captive clutch converters

Steve Garrett, an experienced specialist with many years of experience in the field of transmission production, giving lectures at various seminars, congresses and participating in training programs. Garrett has a bachelor's degree in automotive technology and a master's degree in business administration, as well as teaching experience at universities. He joined Sonnax with many years of experience as a service engineer, acquired at General Motors Corp. and ATRA. Articles by Steve Garrett are published in a number of publications and in manuals on motor transport topics. In addition, he is employed by the College Board and the Municipal Department of Secondary Education, as well as the Advisory Committee on the Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture.

2. Mike Cargill, TRANSTAR INDUSTRIES - Sr. Product manager

Declared topics:

Vehicle specification and their characteristics.

Repair issues

Construction of production and establishment of marketing of repair of gas turbine engines

3. Dmitry Ermilov - head of TRANSFIX

Torque converter repair

4.Vyacheslav Apanovich - Engineer of the company Aichina plus Installation

Features of repair Transformers for Mercedes

5.Yuri Alexandrov, Axel Blashke - LuK / Schaffler

DSG / DCT gearbox clutches. New generations

6. Alexander Shatkov, KINERGO

Torque Converter Recovery Equipment

Speakers from Alto Products and Raybestos are planned at the forum. At the moment, topics are not defined, will be announced in the near future. If there are specific issues and problems, please let us know via the form on the website so that experts will prepare specific answers to your questions and or highlight this topic in their speeches.

August 22-23, 2015. Automatic transmission repair and diagnostics

1. Bill Henney - 9HP48, analysis and characteristic malfunctions after a year of operation, information from the manufacturer and personal experience and best practices.

2. Steve Garrett - 6T40 / 45/50 of the 2nd and 3rd generation of the last refinement of the manufacturer, the main differences, characteristic malfunctions and solutions.

3. Steve Garrett - Getrag DSG Ford DPS6 service and faults.

4. Coen van Beek - JF015 / 016/017/018 differences, characteristic malfunctions and solutions.

5. Adele Yakupov , AT Kazan Center - 0B5 DSG, device, typical malfunctions, solutions.

6. Adele Yakupov , AT Kazan Center - 724 DCT New Mercedes box, box analysis, troubleshooting.

7. Alexey Kudinov , Apriori EXPERT - JF414 device, malfunction. Examination and Litigation on the repair of gearboxes.

8. TRANSTEC - Subaru TR580, TR690.

9. Niel Speetjens GFX - 8HP45 / 70/90 - malfunctions, diagnostics, repair tools.

10. Sergey Bogomolov , engineer of TRANSMATIC - VALVE BODY Tester - restoration of hydroblocks as the main way of high-quality gearbox repair.

11. John Parmenter , Precision International - Material in preparation.

12. Roni Zelichonok, Alto Products - Material in preparation.

13. Raybestos - Material in preparation.

14. EXEDY - Material in preparation.