Training "Conflict Management with Clients"

The client, threatening to break the relationship, forces you to make concessions. You make him another discount. You are afraid to refuse and lose it.

By participating in the training, you can see another, more effective way of negotiating.

You will master the most effective tool in the arsenal of negotiation techniques, which will allow you to reject false assumptions and avoid unnecessary concessions.

The purpose of the training: to disassemble and practice the rules for managing a “tough” negotiation process.

Training Objectives:

  • get acquainted with special techniques of tough negotiations, including those used by specialists in special areas of professional activity;
  • to study the main strategies for intercepting and maintaining control in difficult negotiation situations;
  • to develop skills to control the course of tough negotiations.

After completing this training, participants will learn:

  • Negotiate in difficult conditions (pressure and attacks);
  • Adequately respond to lunges;
  • Constructively negotiate;
  • Distinguish between types of manipulations, the goals of manipulators and not give in to tricks;
  • They will be able to clearly follow the planned line, to defend their interests;
  • Apply techniques to intercept and hold control;
  • Maintain relations with the client even after the most “tough” negotiations;

The main task of the negotiator to be able to act in stressful situations without succumbing to pressure, tricks to maintain emotional balance. To do this, it is not enough just to possess the skills of conducting constructive negotiations, we also need techniques that allow us to defend our interest in harsh conditions.


  • Negotiation combinations: managerial (managerial (negotiation) fights, bargaining, bluffing, conflict, competition);
  • Analysis of real cases - techniques, techniques, lines of behavior;
  • Building up internal strength, “negotiation muscles”;
  • Re-enactment of real situations from the experience of participants, analysis of options and development of a winning strategy;


The struggle for profit.

  • Benefit.
  • Compromise and concession.
  • Trading Rules
  • Business game (The goal is to learn how to achieve your goals while maintaining relationships)

Negotiation techniques.

  • 10 techniques of an effective negotiator.
  • Increase efficiency. Testing techniques.
  • Exercises (practicing techniques). Management (negotiation) fights.

Work with resistance and claims

  • Claims. The reasons for their occurrence.
  • How to work with claims.
  • Criticism. Ways to work with criticism.
  • Exercises (Practicing resistance methods)

Pressure and manipulation in negotiations

  • Types of manipulation.
  • Manipulators and their motives.
  • How to recognize manipulations.
  • Methods of counteracting manipulation.
  • Exercises (development of skills to work with different types of manipulation)

Emotions in the negotiations

  • Emotions Emotional balance.
  • Positive and negative emotions. The influence of emotions on decisions.
  • Emotional balance
  • How to turn an angry customer into a loyal one.
  • How to cope with your emotions.
  • How to neutralize the emotions of the client.
  • The technique of working with emotions "Etching fishing line"
  • Communication barriers. How to get around.
  • Exercises (Development of the technique of "Etching fishing line")

Aggression and anger

  • External and internal aggression. Manifestation.
  • Provocation of aggression as an element of pressure.
  • Provocateurs of anger. Aggressors and their goals.
  • How to cope with internal anger and not succumb to aggressive attacks.
  • Exercises (working out techniques of work with aggressive behavior)

Skills development

  • Express fights. (Reaction speed and clarity of wording, feedback from judges and coach)
Training conducts
Igor Romanovich Ryzov

He is currently working on his own projects in the field of business education and business consulting.

Included in the team of effective negotiators Jim Camp. The only specialist in Russia who completed a full-time course of study at Camp Negotiation Instinute (USA) . The official representative of the Jim Camp Institute of Negotiations in Russia and the CIS.

Specializes in:

  • Negotiation.
  • Improving the efficiency of negotiations.
  • Building a customer-oriented organization. Customer service and improving the quality of customer service.
  • Sales management.
  • Sales performance.
  • Management fights.

Experience in teaching business technologies since 2006. She has experience in successful cooperation with leading organizations in the field of business education: Arsenal School of Managers, Synergy Business School, Synergy University School of Business.

Leader of the Management Tandem Club at the Synergy SB, Moscow.


  • Publications in the magazines "Business Environment", "Director of the store",, "Alcohol", "Help for business", "Business review" and others.

Business experience:

  • 1997-1999 - General Director, building materials.
  • 1999-2002 - Head of the department of sales, food.
  • 2002-2008 - General Director, wholesale and retail trade in alcoholic beverages.
  • 2008-HB - Sales Director.
  • 2006-2008 - Vice President of NO AURA (Association of Alcohol Market Participants).
  • 2011 - HB - MFPU "Synergy". Trainings for students.
  • 2011-NV - Partner of Synergy SB and Arsenal CM.


  • Belarusian State University. Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Faculty of Economics and Business Technology.
  • Camp Negotiation Institute. Jim Camp Institute of Negotiations (author of the bestselling book Say NO First), USA.
  • Training in the methods of V.K. Tarasova (Tallinn School of Managers)
  • Numerous continuing education courses.

Member of the Association of Technology Coaches Vladimir Tarasov.

Member of the Federation of Management Fighting. Prizewinner of the 1st Open Championship of St. Petersburg in Management Wrestling. Winner of the Christmas tournament in "Management Wrestling", Moscow, participant of the IV Championship of Russia in Management Wrestling. Winner of the 1st rating tournament in "Management struggle" 2012, Moscow. Judge of the Moscow Championship and Autumn Cup of Moscow in Management Wrestling 2012. Judge of the 5th Championship of Russia in Management Wrestling.

Collaborated with companies:

  • Belts wholesale - wholesale and retail trade in haberdashery
  • AZ Company - Negotiations with retail chains. Effective collaboration - maximum results
  • Business Club of Entrepreneurs Union - Training "Management Express Fights"
  • TD Migdal - alcohol wholesale - A new approach to negotiations and sales.
  • ADL (production and sale of sanitary equipment) - Effective sales. Tough negotiations.
  • BelAgro Group of Companies (sale of agricultural equipment) - Training for managers.
  • Artplast (Trading and manufacturing company, plastic products) - Effective sales
  • Khabarovsk Entrepreneurship Support Fund, administration of the city of Sovetskaya Gavan - Technique of interception and retention of management + managerial fights.
  • LED Zeppelin (Mining and construction) - Management fights. Training for marketers.
  • M-Style (Consultant Plus) - A new approach to negotiations and sales
  • Scheffler Rusland (Engineering Technology) - Sales Mastery.
  • Ascott Group (building materials, adhesives KLEO) - A new approach to negotiations and sales.
  • Moscow Banquet Fleet (Organization of holidays and events) - A new approach to negotiations and sales.
  • LLC IVAPER (production and sale of the profile) - A new approach to negotiations and sales.
  • Major express (Express delivery services) - A new approach to negotiations and sales.
  • Olenta groups (textiles) - A new approach to negotiations and sales
  • Bisca (Pastry Distributor) - Efficient Commercial Offer
  • Utah company (high-tech equipment) - A new approach to negotiations and sales.
  • Runaway Duty Free - Effective Sales
  • AltaiEnergoBank - Tough negotiations
  • Intercomp (outsourcing services) - Tough negotiations
  • A1TIS Group of Companies (equipment for printing and copying) - Sales Art
  • TPK Vostok (MAZ, KAMAZ - machinery and spare parts) - Tough negotiations
  • EVRAZ - Management fights for personnel reserve
  • Hypermarkets Stroygiant - negotiations in the work of the buyer, tough negotiations
  • Bank of Kazan –Hard negotiations
  • Veltex (Supplier of sewing accessories and equipment) - training for managers
  • FarmStandard - tough negotiations
  • Computer (comprehensive information services) - tough negotiations
  • Coral Travel - tough negotiations
  • SunMar - tough negotiations
  • Renaissance Credit - Tough Negotiations
  • Unit Group (computer and printing equipment) - sales technique in the face of changes