Post-release "Motor Show 2009"

A few days ago at the Crocus Expo the international exhibition Motor Show 2009 ended. It's time to evaluate the results and take stock - all the more so since this year the exhibition was held at a high level.

This season, the Motor Show broke the record for visiting - only through the official website for the exhibition, 27,120 people registered, a little more than half of the total number of guests (51,200). I would like to note the fact that, according to an independent audit, more than 75% of visitors to the exhibition are industry professionals. In terms of the number of participants, the situation was no less successful - over 600 companies gathered at MIMS, 40% of which were foreign exhibitors.

Another achievement of the Motor Show is a new business program. The discussion of the situation in the industry and in the market did not stop for a single day. The first conference at the exhibition was held by AutoTransTech. Foreign experts - Bill Henney, Alan Smith, Robbie Ferguson (ALTO), Scott Jackson (Sonnax) - shared with Russian colleagues the skills of organizing automatic transmission repairs.

And on August 27, the speakers visited the 9th Moscow College of Road Transport, where they spoke on the topic “Torque Converter Repair” and the presentation of Can Bus control and diagnostic system maintenance software.

At the same time, the Motor Show business program at Crocus Expo was gaining momentum. The day began with a press conference of Avtoyunion company - "Opening of a new battery plant in Russia." Then, speakers from NPKF Livi Car, major distributors of Johnson Controls Power Solutions products, spoke.

Media also joined the new program. Employees of the publication "Body" held a round table on resolving business conflicts - "Settlement of disagreements in the preparation of the calculation of restoration repair."

On August 28, Eurasia spoke about the rebranding of the Titan battery brand. During the period of crisis lull, the company is preparing to enter a new level. And it is possible that with such marketing activity, Eurasia will significantly increase its market share.

For experts and speakers, MIMS has become a real discussion club. And for participants - a major industry event. “The exhibition in Moscow is an all-Russian exhibition. And to the question "where are you coming from?" “I can say that once a year, to Moscow,” comments Arkady Korshunov, a representative of the St. Petersburg holding Dukon.

Representatives of the Exist.RU online store described MIMS as a place for meetings and negotiations with new partners. The Armtek company believes that the Motor Show is an opportunity to enter the market with a presentation of the company, to demonstrate its potential to customers and suppliers.
And perhaps each company has its own idea of MIMS. But in one thing all the participants agree: “Motor Show” is a worthy auto show. The reviews are certainly nice. But the “discovery of the year” was made by visitors who wondered why there were so few cars at the exhibition?

It's simple: MIMS is, first of all, an industry event, a major B2B exhibition. Motor Show presents tires, oils, equipment and components for automobiles. And if hundreds of cars appeared in the pavilions, the venerable public would be surprised and ask the question - why did the “Car Dealership” come to us, which takes place every two years?