Post release and photos of the workshop in Mineralnye Vody

Goodbye Caucasus, it was great !!!

Where there are three automatic transmission schnicks, it’s already fun. And if there are 60 of them? And if in the Caucasus? Yes, on the eve of the New Year holidays? Well, then you certainly won’t get bored!)) Minvody welcomed the seminar participants with a strong wind, but it only encouraged everyone - after all, this is the same famous fresh mountain air, only big, “festive” power! The Wind of Changes became the leitmotif of the 2017 AvtoTransTech workshop. These few December days swept in a whirlwind, leaving an energetic, invigorating aftertaste. Many seminarians arrived in advance, and departed a few days after the end of the event, arranging for themselves a real “Caucasian vacation”. But the main reason and main reason for our meeting was, of course, a rich lecture program. On December 1, the workshop opened with a presentation by Stephen Garrett (ATRA, USA) . Steven Garrett, an experienced specialist in the production and maintenance of transmissions, an engineer, a teacher, an ATRA member, takes part in AutoTransTech seminars with pleasure, always bringing with him a lot of news and valuable life hacks from the automatic transmission world. As usual, Stephen spoke clearly and clearly about the new design of the overrunning clutch system with 4 operating modes used by GM, Ford, Mazda and other Asian cars.

At the end of a working seminar day, until it is packed full of information, ideas, discussions, inevitably comes the minute beloved by all of our regular participants: delivery of AvtoTransTech certificates. After all, a certificate is not a simple formality! This is a statement of development, moving forward. This is a symbol of positive thinking. This is a sign of belonging to a large and friendly community of business people. And for those who are at the seminar for the first time, this is also an initiation into “severe seminarians”!))

The farewell banquet became a tasty, bright, generous and cheerful point of the seminar. Those who work well, have a good rest - this is about automatic transmission drivers! Competitions, songs, dances, laughter - nobody wanted to leave! According to tradition, a symbolic relay race was held to the representative of the host of the next seminar, Maxim Uskov (Car service Avtomaksimum) from the representative of KavMinvod Vladislav Konyushevsky: in April 2018 we will be met by the beautiful Astana. They left already after midnight. Someone immediately had to go to the airport, others scattered in the morning, taking with them new knowledge, new experience, new ideas and a strong desire to implement them. And some automatic transmissions turned out to be so “severe” that the next morning, despite the “pleasant fatigue” after the banquet, two volatile small detachments set off to conquer Elbrus and Donbay! Nails would be made of these people, as the poet said!))).

go on a tour of Zheleznovodsk accompanied by a professional guide. We will see the famous Pushkin Gallery, the Palace of Bukhara Emir, Ostrovsky Baths, walk along the unique cascading stairs of the Resort Park with streams of mineral water running along it, admire the stunning panorama of the peaks of the Caucasus Range from the observation deck.

After lunch, we dramatically change the situation: we go to Pyatigorsk, the main gem in the KavMinVod necklace. Pyatigorsk is both a medical resort with famous health resorts, and a museum city where dozens of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments are located, and just a beautiful, vibrant big city. We look, breathe, remember Lermontov, Ostap Bender and Kisu Vorobyaninov, free our heads from worries, recharge with energy!

The international technical workshop in Mineralnye Vody

And in the evening, leaving behind tension, stress, deadlines, difficult situations at work, together we walk at a farewell banquet !!!

The December AutoTransTech seminar is a great opportunity to take stock of the year and get positive!

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