Post-release of the V workshop AutoTransTech 2018 in Moscow

On August 26-27, 2009, the V International Technical Seminar “Device, Repair and Diagnostics of Automatic Transmissions” was successfully held.

First day theoretical classes were held as part of the 13th international exhibition “Motor Show” in the territory of Crocus Expo IEC. The participants considered a range of issues related to the features of the device, operation, faults and transmission repair: ZF 6HP26, 722.9, AF-40-09G, U660E, A761E, A960E.

The program discussed such problems of repairing control plates as valve wear, malfunctions of the solenoids, speed and temperature sensors, etc.

Particular attention was paid to the diagnosis of malfunctions of control plates.

In the afternoon, all participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the exposition "Automatic Transmission Territory", presented as part of the Motor Show exhibition. Exhibitors were world-famous companies - manufacturers of automatic transmissions, spare parts and equipment for diagnostics and repair: ALTO Products Corp, Precission Int, Sonnax Industries, SuperFlow, and Russian companies: Automation, Automatic Transmission Center, Transkit, Transparts and State College of Road Transport No. 9, on the basis of which it is planned to train specialists in the repair of automatic transmissions. Representatives from Sussex Auto Parts and GFX were also present.

At the end of the work of the business program of the first day, the second draw of the Golden Ten lottery was held. All participants of the seminar took part in the drawing, but, unfortunately, Jackpot remained in the bank again. And the question authors - representatives of Sonnax and Midland Automatic Transmissions expressed hope that in the next draw in 2010 their “insidious” questions would not go unanswered, and 30,000 rubles would go to the most erudite of the participants!

August 27 participants visited the State College of Road Transport No. 9, in the territory of which practical classes were successfully completed. The sequence of the repair process of torque converters on a unique set of TCRS equipment was examined in detail. The participants were convinced of the indisputable advantage of this system, the difference of which is high accuracy, speed and quality of the production level.

AutoTransTech Dr. Technical Consultant PhD FIMI William Henney (Great Britain) showed the practical application of the SF-66 dynamometer for determining operating parameters and transmission diagnostics based on simulated road conditions.

And the technical specialist of AutoTransTech - Alan Smith (Great Britain) introduced the participants to the features of control panel diagnostics using high-precision software (control and data acquisition system - VBDaq).

Many participants showed interest in demonstrating the repair of the TF-80 control plate. In particular, the use of Sonnax's latest developments - a drill hole retainer that greatly facilitates the restoration of the control plate.

In the program of the second day of the seminar, all those present had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the representatives of the ZF company management who first attended this seminar: Hans-Peter Bach, Peter Corbe and Mikhail Egorov (representative in Moscow), as well as representatives of DYNEX company Mr. Masaki Urano. The guests noted the good level of organization, the great attention on the part of the participants and their willingness to discuss “sensitive” issues.

The seminar "Device, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions" is annually attended by specialists from various regions of Russia and the Near Abroad, united by common tasks - obtaining the latest information, establishing contacts and exchanging experience. Some of the issues discussed in the IV seminar required a detailed study, and their inclusion in the V seminar made it possible for new participants to join the discussion on the most pressing topics, as well as share their experiences and experiences.

The participants of the V workshop again had the opportunity to communicate with recognized experts in the field of repair: Dr. PhD FIMI William Henney (Midland Automatic Transmissions, AutoTransTech Technical Consultant), Alan Smith (Midland Automatic Transmissions, AutoTransTech Technical Specialist), Robbie Ferguson (Alto Product Corp., USA), whose rich experience and practical knowledge are always of great interest. For the first time in Russia, Scott Jackson performed (Sonnax, USA) - participants rated his report as highly professional and easy to read.

A distinctive feature of the 2009 seminar was a record high number of applications! Unfortunately, only those who managed to register in time were able to take part in the work.

96 specialists from various regions of Russia, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Ukraine took part in the V workshop.

We express our gratitude to all specialists for participating in the seminar and look forward to further cooperation with you!

We express special thanks to the regular participants for their support and participation:

  • Lukin Alexander Borisovich AT PARTS, St. Petersburg
  • Vakula Dmitry Alexandrovich "SP Transmission", St. Petersburg
  • Gavrilov Alexey Alexandrovich “SP Transmission”, St. Petersburg
  • Shibaev Mikhail Yuryevich "RAY-Auto SPb", St. Petersburg
  • Danilov Valery Vladimirovich “AKPP-Center”, Moscow
  • Alekseenko Ivan Vadimovich ATMA, Rostov-on-Don
  • Alekseenko Oleg Vadimovich ATMA, Rostov-on-Don
  • Emelyanov Igor Viktorovich “AT-Service NK”, Novokuznetsk
  • Morozov Denis Nikolaevich “Regional Center of Automatic Transmissions”, Yekaterinburg
  • Timofeev Andrey Evgenievich “Redan AT”, St. Petersburg
  • Stark Artem Alexandrovich Redan AT, St. Petersburg
  • Babichev Dmitry “Tastack”, Kazakhstan, Almaty
  • Malyshev Alexey Olegovich "AUTOM-OLEG", Ukraine, Ternopil
  • Lekomtsev Alexander Viktorovich "IP Lekomtsev SV", Samara
  • Bezzubov Pavel Alekseevich “IE Bezzubov AN”, Tyumen
  • Shmitov Nikita Mikhailovich "Stagecoach", St. Petersburg
  • Kruglov Sergey Sergeevich "AvtoFrants", Moscow
  • Antonov Sergey Aleksandrovich "AvtoFrantz", Moscow
  • Vaksar Sergey Evgenievich Transkom AT, St. Petersburg
  • Barmin Alexander Vladimirovich “Service automatic transmission”, Izhevsk
  • Adely Nailevich Yakupov "Unit (Automatic Transmission Center), Kazan

Many thanks to all and great success in your work!

AutoTransTech Company