Post-release AutoTransTech 2021

For the second year in a row, the annual Moscow AutoTransTech seminar is shifted to September.

This year the meeting was held on the territory of the Sofrino Park Hotel. For two days, lecturers from different countries spoke to the participants. The seminar turned out really diverse and was able to collect more than 130 participants from different cities of the world, of which about 30 people got acquainted with our event for the first time.

Traditionally, at Moscow seminars, most of the participants represent exactly the capital companies, but this year colleagues from St. number - 27 people came to us from the cultural capital of Russia.

Foreign specialists could not fly to Moscow due to quarantine restrictions, but we were happy to speak online. This was the first experience performances in this format, and it went off with a bang.

Useful and important information in the field of repair and diagnostics foreign lecturers who spoke for the first time within the framework of our seminar shared with our participants: Mark Puccinelli (ATSG, USA), XUE QINGWEN (STK, China), Wu Jianmin (WWT, China).

In addition, performances foreign speakers were diluted with technical information from our experts, who have long been known to the participants of seminars - these are Evgeny Makushev (MCAT, Russia), Egor Anischenok (Kinergo, Belarus) and Igor Emelyanov (AT-Service NK, Russia).

It's nice to know that our seminars have not only united and formed lecturers who have been year come to us with up-to-date information, but there are also new professionals who are ready to share their knowledge.

For the traditional quiz "Golden Ten" our experts have prepared such difficult questions that no one could answer them completely, and the prize fund is once again transferred to the next year. Those participants who gave the maximum number of correct answers, consolation prizes were awarded - branded T-shirts from the company Raybestos.

Summing up, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those who came to the seminar and continues to develop with us, make new acquaintances and delight each other with his thirst for knowledge!