Master class "In business - as in space"

In business - like in space

Workshop on stress management

The world is complex and volatile, unpredictability generates tension. Strong stress can become a gateway to a new life, and can lead to disaster. And often the difference is not in objective circumstances, but in the person’s attitude to what is happening.

Learning to manage yourself in a stressful situation is the key to successful development.

“In space, man is always alone with himself and his problems. Stress can interfere with success. We help astronauts learn to control themselves, ”says Natalya Sergeevna Filippova, a leading psychologist at the Cosmonaut Training Center. “An entrepreneur is often forced to make vital decisions alone, in this he looks like an astronaut. He also needs the ability to withstand prolonged stress, ”adds her colleague Zhanna Nikolaevna Shevchenko.

Participants in the master class will receive tools for self-diagnosis and stress relief, will be in the role of candidates for astronauts.

Natalya Sergeevna Filippova

leading psychologist
Cosmonaut Training Center

Zhanna Nikolaevna Shevchenko

leading psychologist
Cosmonaut Training Center

For participants of the XIV workshop "AutoTransTech"

August 23, 2018, Novotel Moscow City
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