This year the Moscow seminar in August has shifted to September. But despite this, he passed no worse than all the previous ones. The AutoTransTech team expresses its deep gratitude and gratitude to everyone who was able to attend this seminar. In such a difficult time, it is truly a great ability to find the opportunity and strength to come for new knowledge. And we are convinced for the hundredth time that the AutoTransTech seminars brought together the most courageous and devoted specialists to their industry.

This time the event was divided into two days. The first day, September 11, was completely devoted to the anti-crisis training "Sales in crisis: from master inspector to master expert" from Roman Gulyaev. At which the participants discussed practical advice on the correct motivation and promotion of their masters.

The second day was devoted to the technical part. As you know, the borders are now closed, and initially there should have been only domestic lecturers. But there are no unsolvable tasks for the AutoTransTech team. Our esteemed Steve Garrett provided us with his presentations, and not only in a visual format, but also personally voiced them especially for our seminar. And, of course, one cannot fail to mention Nikita Shmitov, who agreed in real time not only to tell these presentations instead of Steve, but also to translate the audio track. We also cannot fail to mention our Belarusian colleagues. In these circumstances, we express our special gratitude to them for the fact that they were able to come to our seminar and share not only their knowledge with the participants, but also talk about their new discoveries in the field of spare parts for automatic transmissions. Egor Anischenok spoke as a lecturer with the topic "Hysteresis loop as a method for diagnostics of solenoids".

Our domestic lecturers have prepared excellent material. Igor Yemelyanov, an honored lecturer and participant in all AutoTransTech seminars, spoke with the topic "First acquaintance with the A8LF." repair solutions of modern transmissions, weak points and troubleshooting. We would like to note that the representative of the TRS company Konstantin Semenov took part in our seminar for the first time and immediately established himself as an excellent lecturer who can correctly present information. In addition, this year we got acquainted with company Bakker, who gave a lecture on the use of oils in automatic transmissions.

Within the framework of the seminar, the annual quiz "Golden Ten" was held. Unfortunately, the questions turned out to be super difficult, and this year we won did not find, and therefore the prize fund increases and goes to next year. But the best participants, who answered the maximum number of questions, were awarded by the AutoTransTech team with branded polos provided by our sponsor, Trans Tec / Corteco.

Summing up, I would like to once again express my deep gratitude to all those who supported our initiative to hold a meeting of professionals in such a difficult period, and came to the seminar. And despite the fact that this is not the easiest year, we continue to develop, make new acquaintances and delight each other with our thirst for knowledge.

We hope that in the near future we will be able to return to the previous work plan, and we will meet again in the near future.

Good luck, dear friends!