Post release and photo from the AutoTransTech 2016 workshop in Sochi

The next international technical seminar "AutoTransTech" was held on December 2 and 3 in the resort city of Sochi. It was attended by over 90 people. who represented 35 companies. The seminar program included not only reports and their discussion, but also visits to car services in Sochi.

A frightening weather forecast - a hurricane and a storm warning - did not stop those wishing to take part in the Sochi AutoTransTech workshop. Representatives of 35 companies gathered at the Catherine’s Quarter Hotel in the Velvet Seasons hotel-hotel, among which were not only regular participants in the seminars - such as AT Parts, TransFix, Stagecoach, AT-Service NK, - but also new ones, including AKPP-Belgorod, Quattro, AKPP-911-Sochi, GBS SRL.

Participants of the AutoTransTech 2016 seminar in Sochi

To talk ...

The informational part of the program was held on the first day of the event. At this AutoTransTech workshop, the predominance of Russian-speaking speakers over foreign ones became noticeable. Now in Russia there are enough experienced specialists who have something to share. In Sochi, a translator worked only during a presentation by Steve Garrett, a regular speaker at the seminar for many years. He made two reports - on hybrid drive systems and the Volkswagen DQ200 (0AM) gearbox.

A lot of interest was caused by the speech of Yuri Alexandrov, who represented Shaeffler (you can read about it on page 14). And no wonder - this time Yuri talked about several LuK updates at once. The topics of his report were the new LuK RepSet 2CT dual dry clutch kit for Alfa Romeo TCT and the diagnostic features of Renault EDC dual-mass flywheels. In addition, he announced the addition to the special tool of the second generation of Renault clutch modules. The speaker had to linger after the lecture to answer additional questions.

The next speaker was Roman Kramarenko from the company “Exclusive Transmission” with a report on the topic “Fundamentals of the primary diagnosis of the variator JF015E”. This transmission has been produced for more than seven years, and has become one of the most popular CVTs in the world (in August of this year, JATCO released the 10 millionth copy), so many people are interested in its features. Participants in previous workshops requested that this topic be covered in detail. Roman's report was listened very carefully - the hall was very quiet until the very end, when listeners began to ask questions.

The next report was presented by Oleg Kosolapov, an ATCC employee from Moldova. He spoke about the repair of torque converters for Mercedes-Benz 722.9 and 722.6 transmissions. And it turned out that this topic could be an occasion for discussion.

The first day of the seminar was completed by Dmitry Karagorgiy with a report on the 1C: Automatic Transmission Service Management system. Dmitry spoke about the benefits of automation of STO management using a program specially developed by his company, but he also clearly demonstrated how to work with it, and answered questions about integrating the program into an enterprise using real-life situations as an example.

…and to look

On the second day, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Sochi service stations and Krasnaya Polyana. The guests were hosted by Quattro and AKPP-91-Sochi. Arthur Kulikov, director of the Quattro service, shared his business experience in preparing the city for the Olympic Games - for this, some areas of Sochi underwent a real restructuring. Arthur also told what difficulties his service center is facing, and how he learned to overcome them.

At the second service, “AKPP-911-Sochi,” Alexander Masalsky cordially welcomed the seminar participants, who spoke about the features of the service station in the resort town. He also showed a number of organizational and technical solutions that allow him to increase work efficiency, and also shared plans for the future.

On the way back from a car service tour, the participants stopped for a short while on the promenade to take memorable pictures against the backdrop of a stormy sea. There will be something to remember! The storm in Sochi was unprecedented, and guests of the resort town rarely have the chance to see such a riot of weather on the Black Sea coast.

However, the weather did not hinder the seminar and excursion parts with dignity - all the participants were satisfied with both the business part of the program and the entertainment.

A group of participants visited the Rosa Khutor ski resort, a comfortable micro-city built for the 2014 Olympics. Here they visited souvenir shops, and visited the Galaxy center as part of the Gazprom mountain-tourist complex. The participants in the technical seminar were able to spend time usefully - to learn a lot from an interesting guide, buy wonderful souvenirs, taste local aromatic honey, warm themselves with traditional mulled wine, and, of course, take impressive photos.

After lunch, everyone visited the Olympic Park and the Sochi Auto Museum with an exhibition of cars of different years. The hotel where the seminar was held is located near the Olympic Park, so it was not difficult.

The seminar ended with a grand banquet in the Boho restaurant on the coast of the stormy Black Sea. The busy program included provocative contests, incendiary dances, the performance of the show-ballet "Burlesque" and ended late at night. All participants were presented with technical materials, lecture texts, certificates confirming participation in the seminar and the second issue of AKPPro magazine.

Until next time!

Thanks to the choice of Sochi, the seminar was attended by more than ten new participants from the Krasnodar Territory and Abkhazia. First impressions have become the most favorable. Participants praised the seminar program and the very idea of holding it in various cities. “The concept of holding seminars in different regions has become a big plus for us,” said Martiros Hambardzhyan. “So they become accessible to a larger circle of professionals. After all, we, masters, cannot always find the time to travel to another city. And when the seminar comes to us, it is very convenient, it simply cannot be missed! ” Therefore, AutoTransTech will continue the practice of visiting events. The organizers have already chosen the dates and place of the next seminar - it will be held on April 7-8, 2017 in Chisinau.

Photos from the workshop