Nothing is impossible - is the motto of inventors!

Nothing is impossible - is the motto of inventors!

The contest "The best tool for AT repair" has become one of the brightest and most spectacular events of ATT SHOW 2017. Five participants in the format of open presentations presented their developments to the jury members and spectators.

Each presentation became a mini-performance despite the difference in styles.

Sergey Antonov (MCAT) made a clear, concise presentation on the screen. Presentation by Oleg Leonidov (MIR Association), in contrast, was extremely thorough and detailed. And his arguments about the marketing significance of the presented instrument provoked a heated discussion among the public. Alexander Shatkov (KINERGO) showed an example of the classical approach to the presentation. Ilnar Khusainov (CAT) sparked heated debate, turning the theme of the contest paradoxically: "The best tool for AT repair is an efficient team!".

But the greatest attention of both the public and the jury was attracted by the presentation of the independent master Nikolai Yurchenko. Nikolay clearly demonstrated the work of his instrument on a "live" transmission and undoubtedly proved that his invention ideally fits the main criteria of the competition - universality, efficiency, ease of use. The jury was unanimous. Certificate of the Winner and the main prize of 50 000 rubles, for the law was given to the most modest participant, a truly modern "Kulibin", Nikolay Yurchenko!

Handing the winner a deserved award from the sponsor of the contest, Anton Shatunov (TransTec) said: "I am very happy that the engineering tradition is not interrupted. There are many talented specialists, and the company TransTec considers it it`s duty to support them."

This opinion was shared by the Auto-Blitz company, which marked the special prize for the development of Sergei Antonov (MCAT).

A competent jury elected from the Expert Council - Dmitri Ermilov (TRANSFIX), Anton Larionov (TRANS LAB) and Oleg Dubinin (AT-SERVICE NK) - brilliantly fulfilled its mission by demonstrating meticulous and impartial refereeing.

An additional bonus for the contestants was the lively response of the participants and guests of the exhibition. For example, the development of the winner, Nikolai Yurchenko, immediately attracted several companies, realizing that it has not only practical significance, but also great commercial potential.

The contest "The best tool for AT repair" showed the informal, sincere, involved attitude of specialists to the opportunity to present their achievements to the public and get an independent evaluation.

We will definitely continue this undertaking next year, on the ATT SHOW 2018. See you then, dear friends! Your first idea may not be successful. Be persistent. Keep experimenting!